slum•gum (slŭm’gŭm) n. 1. A term used in beekeeping, slumgum is the impure residue, consisting of cocoons, propolis, etc., remaining after the wax is extracted from honeycombs. 2. A jazz quartet in the very top echelon of forward-looking, up-and-coming jazzers.”–-(Dave Wayne, www.allaboutjazz.com)


Trevor Anderies ~ drums
Jon Armstrong ~ saxophone
Rory Cowal ~ piano
David Tranchina ~ bass

 SLUMGUM is a perpetually inventive quartet. The band’s idiosyncratic sound, shaped by unbridled imagination and diverse musical influences, epitomizes the explorative spirit of Los Angeles’ modern jazz scene. Slumgum has been featured in the Angel City Jazz Festival, Jazz at LACMA and the JazzPop series at UCLA’s Hammer Museum, as well as in major venues and festivals throughout the United States. Over the years, Slumgum has initiated collaborations with singers, a string quartet, and classical chamber ensembles, to name a few. In recognition of these innovative endeavors, Slumgum won the 2013 CMA/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming. For nearly ten years, the bandmates have been honing a truly spontaneous approach to playing together; by allowing their musical curiosity to lead them anywhere, they never play a composition the same way twice. On stage, Slumgum projects their sheer joy in making original music together.